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Hola my loves!!!! most of you who are either A) in my real life "friend circle" (we're more like a frickin' ameba :XD:) or B) on my Facebook, you know already that two days ago I rescued a very hurt and lost little puppy. Her name is Beauty, and this is her story.

I was with my mother headed to get my wonderful fiance when we past a very lumpy, black fur ball running up someone's driveway. We did not stop because we thought the puppy belong to the people that lived there. After getting Seth, we loaded up the van and headed back towards home. To our surprise, meeting us on that road and headed straight for our car was that same little fur ball I had seen earlier. I yelled for my mother to stop and jumped out of the car. The poor little thing was frightend and was very wary of coming anywhere near me. The first thing that popped into my head was: "Come here you beautiful thing!" The next thing I knew I had a cute little mut attempting to lick my skin off of my face.
We decided to make sure that the dog actually was not our neighbors (they own a lot of dogs and we were not sure if one might have had puppies). After a very brief (and I mean brief as in: "Not mine, guess it's yours now" *slammed door in face* kind of brief) conversation, we came to the conclusion that the dog had been abandond. With further inspection, we discoverd brusing and missing fur. Her nose (after figuring out it was a HER mind you) seemed to have been burned...from a cigarett.
My father concluded that she could only be a very young puppy (we're talking weeks here) and that someone had abused her previously. Some very crul creature (CREATURE, NOT human.) had beaten this poor, defensless animal because it could not train her.

Fellow deviants, I am not here to sound like one of those PETA commercials, however, animal abuse is a very real thing. Little Beauty is very lucky that an animal loving family like mine accepted her so quickly. My father didn't even bat an eye when he walked into the kitchen. There was no question of: "What's that?" or "We can not take another pet, what do you plan to do?" My father simply looked at her, then up at me and asked me: "Do you have a name for her yet?"
I wish more people were like this. Animals are one of God's greatest creations. They are loving and comforting. I am only asking you, please consider adopting and animal or perhaps opening a NON-Kill shelter, or even assisting at one near your town!

Little Beauty has adapted very well in her new living condition. She loves her chew toys, LOVES her bed and blanky, wishes the cats did not exsist, follows my dog Tilly around as if she's a celebrity, and has a very fond hatred towards the sound of the pee pads I have placed on the floor (however she is doing better about actually using them and not pretending they are one of the cats heads).

To conclude my little talk about this glorious little angel, I will only say this: I encourage you to either adopt, help a shelter, or start a No Kill shelter near or in your community. Animals sometimes need our help too. about the art ideas: if anyone would love to do art trades with me or something...that would be MUCH appreciated! :XD: I seriously cannot think of anything...probably lack of sleep from a certain little puppy who feels the need to have loving at 5am every morning and loving at 2:30am every night (lack of sleep from puppy + lack of sleep from insomnia = possible naps of sleep...I think I just found the cure for insomnia guys!!!!!). ANYWHO: If you have anything you would like me to draw, if you would like to do an art trade...or if you would just like to be all like: "YO SISKIE...DRAW ME STUFF!!!!"...I'd be okay with that! :meow:

ANyway guys, thanks for reading my rant and Beauty's story. If you have any ideas hit me up!!!

Love always you little deviants,
:heart: Siskie B. :heart:
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:meow: SO CUTE!!!
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Aw, thank you!!
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You always have the cutest characters!!! ^u^
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Hehe, yes, darling, it is =^_^=

But, please, do not pass out! I need you!
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*dies from honor of request* I will get started right away Ma'am! :salute:
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December 14, 2012